In order to book an exhibit area, please send an email to:

or call us directly at:

+48 661 360 005  or  +48 601 898 002


100 PLN     18 m 2    6/3 m    (6 depth/3 width)

110 PLN     22 m 2   6/3,7 m   (6 depth/3,7 width)

Exhibit area fee includes: two day exhibit fee, one exhibit area, one car and one person.

Open hours

We are open for exhibitors on

Saturday 4 am – 6 pm

Sunday   8 am – 3 pm


The organizers do not take responsibility for:

  1. Exhibitors’ and guests’ possessions

  2. Quality and price of goods offered by exhibitors

  3. Vehicles parked at the venue parking lot

  4. Damages caused by third parties

  5. Damages caused by force majeure circumstances (eg. a branch falling from a tree or severe weather conditions)

At the venue you are prohibited from:

  1. Promotional activities without explicit consent from the organizers (eg. handing out flyers)

  2. Selling food and drinks (both alcoholic and alcohol free) without explicit consent from the organizers and without a valid license.

  3. Blocking off internal roads and parking spaces

  4. Bringing pets